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Nutritional Testing/Procedures

Computer Bio-communication Testing- (Zyto)
Testing measures where stress is affecting your organs, meridians and nervous system. Non-invasive biofeedback between computer and your body. Zyto identifies your body’s preference to foods and supplements.

Bioimpedance Testing
Evaluates the overall health of cell, cellular toxicity, percentage body fat vs. lean muscle mass and body hydration. Bioimpedance Testing predicts how well your body is aging.

*Nutritional Response Testing
The analysis is done through kinesiology testing the body’s own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. Points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each organ of the body.

Zinc Test
Determines if you have zinc levels too high or too low. Zinc deficiencies can worsen skin sagging, acne, eczema, prostate problems, fatigue, immunity and diabetes. Correct balance of calcium is needed to maintain all functions especially in the blood, bones and nervous system.

*Heart Rate Variability
The analysis is a non-invasive, computer based program designed for assessing your Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) and general health. It determines your overall state of health such as physical fitness, wellness and the response of your body under stress. This helps determine your youthful state rather than your chorological age. Determine your energy reserves, stamina, and general physical and emotional well-being.

Vitamin C
Urinalysis determines if you have sufficient Vitamin C
Vitamin C is necessary for normal growth and development. It supports a healthy immune, skeletal system and collagen production. It is a powerful antioxidant and is not produced in the body.

*Anti- Oxidant Testing
Are you taking too many or not enough anti-oxidants?
Testing determines the level of free radical activity within the body. High levels of free radicals can lead to cell damage predisposing us to cancer and cardiovascular and brain diseases.  The correct amount of anti-oxidants can reduce premature aging.

pH Testing
Knowing your pH allows you to monitor your health. pH testing determines acidity which causes pain, stiffness, lethargy and irritability. Acidity shortens life and causes disease.  Alkalinity is vital for your health, your ability to absorb nutrients and for your system to remain vital and pain- free.

Calcium Testing
Urinalysis is used to determine if your body is excreting calcium which can reveal if your calcium intake is sufficient or if you are losing bone.

*Whole Body Vibration Plate aka “Fountain of Youth”
The ultimate wellness solution that utilizes whole body vibration (WBV). Its benefits include: optimal flexibility, balance, bone and muscle building. It assists the lymphatic system in reducing acid wastes and increases circulation. WBV enhances Brain to Body Communication. Promotes weight reduction and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Laser Therapy
Repairs the cell membranes of muscles, discs, joints and nerves. Promotes rapid healing, reduces inflammation and pain. Increases circulation, reduces painful swelling and speeds healing of all treated areas.

*Laser Acupoint Therapy- Meridians
Using low level laser, NOT needles to penetrate acupuncture points. Energy pathways which regulate energy flow to the organs and glands are called meridians. Energy flow in these pathways can become blocked and interfere with ideal functioning of the related organs or systems. Laser acu-point therapy, similar to acupuncture, improves energy flow through these meridians.

Infratonic QGM- Sound Wave Therapy
Infratonic QGM dispenses ultra low sound wave frequencies which frequencies which dissolve cellular trauma and remove barriers to optimal health. Facilitates the brain stem, promoting alpha frequency and profound relaxation of the nervous system.

*Perfusion Oxygen
Cellular 02 is the gold standard to determine your body’s ability to defend itself from infection and protect the cells from being damaged by disease. This test will show your level of protection.

*Emotional Repolarization Technique

Emotions can negatively affect our health.  ERT (Emotional Repolarization Technique) is a safe, effective and a natural way to instantly resolve long-standing health problems that have an emotional component.

*Included only in the Intensive Anti-Aging Program

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